CNY 2012

doesn’t seem to be ending any time soon! In fact, it seems to be just starting for me.

Over the next two weeks, I will be attending six steamboat/dinner gatherings. I have a newfound respect for vegetarians who can maintain their composure amid the feasting, especially if they are dining with omnivores.

Now that I have a boyfriend, family elders and cousins have been asking about the wedding. I’m not in much of a hurry, as Pupsie has yet to start work and we are still unable to agree on what kind of flat to get. I want a 4-room, maximum 5-room, but he wants an Executive apartment. I am more inclined towards BTOs (the name doesn’t make any sense to me, btw) but he likes resale flats for their bigger size. Resale flats tend to be in better locations and are bigger, but I still prefer having more spare cash to save and spend. Oh well this is an oft repeated and never-ending debate. Too early to tell for now.

I feel quite paisay to be at the receiving end of angbaos at this age. Doesn’t feel very good taking cash from retirees and aunties who’ve already spent a lot on CNY food.

PM Lee’s call for more dragon babies baffles me. All the past calls for more babies have baffled me. I cannot comprehend how more babies or Singaporeans in the future would automatically lead to a better economy and less foreigners. What if they become a liability to society, which is a real possibility with some parents not prepared to raise kids? How many Singaporeans are willing to do jobs that the foreigners are doing now – build condos, wash dishes, make coffee, wait tables?

Stripping away all societal norms and family expectations, I realise I cannot think of a good reason to have kids. It could stem from my subconscious inadequacy and fear towards the Herculean task of raising them into sensible, compassionate human beings who will not piss the hell out of me. But I’ve spoken to some married people and they tell me you will know it when you know it.

Off to Pup’s house for dinner.

I have been stuffing myself with deep fried carrot cake, taukwa, hard boiled eggs and toast in an almost uncontrollable way.

This has got to stop.

I will eat only soupy dishes, porridge and fruit for the coming week, starting today.

No cheese, no cream, no frying, no sunny side-ups, no milk in tea and coffee.

No dressing in salads with the exception of vinaigrette.


Despite the fact that I woke up at 11am

I am so productive!!

Who says freelancers cannot be productive? Huh!

I’ve washed the dishes, hung out the clothes, translated publicity text, edited a proposal and cleared email – without getting distracted!! No wonder my shoulders ache now.

My gosh I am so proud of myself.

I am soo excited about the weekend! CNY is so not over and I’m gonna spend it with some of my favourite people hohoho

Breakfast with sai sai, fang and Camy! It’s been so long!
3pm gathering at PK’s house; just found out that I’m helping with the film selection for the 2012 Buddhist Film Festival and this is a committee gathering of sorts
6pm dinner with Hanyuan, Jalyn, Cell, my sis and Renee!
8.30pm watch 红玫瑰与白玫瑰 with them

Steamboat at Niki’s house with 姐姐妹妹们
大世界 with puppy, his mom, sis and her bf!






one day tour to Johor Bahru with mother. great number of flags to show patriotism.


Budget airlines and their legendary leg space


Jatujak! sweltering hot.

That’s why we need this:



Found the Anatomie shop!! It’s an indie brand which sells tee shirts designed by a Thai designer. According to the shopkeeper it is widely supported by Thais. my fave brand!




real rabbits for sale


Day one’s loot. my foot is there for scale.

x.JPG Day one.


No-city-planning BKK. there are many half-built, abandoned buildings there.


Day two’s loot.


coffee break @ Black Canyon Coffee. i see more of these than Starbucks.


Oishi Grand buffet…… i have sinned.


That’s my papa and me at the new Suvarnabhumi Airport’s sky lounge. it’s a swanky place with leather sofas and overpriced food.


there, swanky.

P.S: Cheer Chen’s concert tonight!! Can’t wait can’t wait!

late night ramblings

  1. i have a rather violent craving for Macdonald’s breakfast right now. Sis says Mac is a unscrupulous MNC, so she’s reluctant to eat with me tmr. i know it too, but a craving’s a craving.
  2. there’s a need for me to document my entire Ullambana experience in detail, but i havent got photos yet. it came and went, and i’m really happy to work with the nicest people even though i did kenna some scoldings by the public/ unreasonable people… Unavoidable, since i’m i/c of enquiries. the spirit of self-sacrifice really shows in many volunteers, and they put me to shame.
  3. went Bi Feng Tang @ century square (again!) to celebrate sis’ bday. it was damn good as usual. just thinking of the food now makes me hungry. we had the set menu for four, and every single dish did not fail to disappoint. and the staff is so friendly! offered me free bowl of peanut dessert, so nice. BFT is so underrated! Din tai fung feels like a total letdown compared to BFT, what with its very limited menu and rip-off prices. oh and imperial treasure sucks! overpriced, bad food. that time with cf and eric shd be my first and last visit….
  4. i am finally finally going on a holiday!!! first up, bangkok with my father. poor him, already say he will help me carry my shopping. aww. two other destinations for 2007: taiwan and vietnam! feels like some sort of a “travellorhea”, after 1 year of not travelling. oh and im going on a one day tour to JB/Kluang with my mother! cant wait cant wait! my passport is itching to be chopped!
  5. oh i forgot to mention i have a slight tinge of regret for joining the SPH student reporters thingy.. after the briefing we all concluded that there is little space for us to maneuver. cant write in first-person! cant review things! cant this, cant that. i dont know what to write. i dont know how clipping our wings like that is gonna make the portal a truly vibrant and youthful one, really.

hunger pangs

just wana whine about my hunger and craving for


鲜甜的酱汁, 软硬度适中的面条,

qq的草菇, 脆脆的葱白!!!!


救命啊。。。 马上奉上一盘伊面给我吧!!!

watched Ocean’s Thirteen with Emily today. NICE. clever plot, eye candies aplenty, witty humour, lightning rhythm = my idea of an entertaining movie.

George Clooney is really old ginger, charm still brewing like nobody’s business.

and Brad Pitt!! muahha..

i still wanna eat my noodles

schizophrenic humans

watched Taboo: Blood sports on NatGeo yesterday. Besides the wincing and feeling pity and anger for the animals made to fight for entertaining humans, this bullfighter’s thought left an impression: “We are giving a chance for the bull to fight for its life. It dies with dignity. It is sad to see a beautiful animal like it die, but at least it had a chance to fight back.”

What he said is true, isnt it? well of course he has rather conveniently used this truth to his advantage, to cover up for the sport’s gore and brutality…