• been walking around with morbid thoughts, not good
  • i have no patience. at all. i wonder how people put up with me.
  • watched many movies thanks to T.H.I.S. Buddhist Film Festival, which was a great success. Many (or all?) shows were sold out! I caught 一轮明月,Dhamma Brothers, Sankara, and Buddha Collapsed Out of Shame. also caught Tokyo Sonata with mummy at the picturehouse today.
  • Tokyo Sonata at its surface is all gloom (大部分时间确实令我感到很窒息), but it’s actually a film about resilience. 活着就有希望,没有什么问题是解决不了的。故事人写实地刻画东京人所经历的悲剧,也让我们看到了,人面临所谓‘绝境’, 其实还是有选择的。 可以开煤气自杀,最后留下女儿沦为孤儿,自己逃避成功却害了最疼爱的人; 或者勇敢活下去,脚踏实地地生活。
  • i am a daiso whore. i need a box for all my daiso stash and uncountable notebooks. i wonder what i’m going to do with all the ribbons i bought today?
  • 脑袋里好多要做的、还没做的、急着做的事! 工作之后,比念书时还忙。正常吧。真的需要卸下了 那些不必要的责任。


外面的世界很精彩 我出去会不会失败
外面的世界特别慷慨 闯出去我就可以活过来
外面的世界很精彩 我出去会不会失败
外面的世界特别慷慨 闯出去我就可以活过来
留在这里 我看不到现在 我要出去寻找我的未来
下定了决心改变日子真难挨 吹熄了蜡烛愿望就是离开

外面的世界很精彩 我出去会变的可爱
外面的机会来的很快 我一定找得自己的期待
一离开头也不转不回来 留在这里我看不到现在
下定了决心改变日子真难挨 吹熄了蜡烛愿望就是离开


如果 爱’s soundtrack is incredible; please feel free to borrow from me. All lyrics are translated into English and the translation is of an unbelievably high standard! Shall post a sample here when I’m in the mood.

The Italian


Watched The Italian with Mollie last night. It’s about a six-year-old orphan setting out to find his mother after an Italian couple has already decided to adopt him.

The boy’s performance was brilliant. I especially love the final shot.

The bitter Russian winter resonated well with the fear and loneliness in the boy’s heart.  But I’m happy the change of seasons from winter to spring eventually marked an ending that warmed both our hearts and the boy’s.

hunger pangs

just wana whine about my hunger and craving for


鲜甜的酱汁, 软硬度适中的面条,

qq的草菇, 脆脆的葱白!!!!


救命啊。。。 马上奉上一盘伊面给我吧!!!

watched Ocean’s Thirteen with Emily today. NICE. clever plot, eye candies aplenty, witty humour, lightning rhythm = my idea of an entertaining movie.

George Clooney is really old ginger, charm still brewing like nobody’s business.

and Brad Pitt!! muahha..

i still wanna eat my noodles

The Pursuit of Happyness

Another “Enlightenment thru Entertainment” Dharma-Inspired Movie Review : 
“The Pursuit of Happyness” in Samsara 

https://i0.wp.com/thedailyenlightenment.com/pics/401.jpg http://www.sonypictures.com/movies/thepursuitofhappyness  

Inspired by real life experiences, “The Pursuit of Happyness” is the moving story of Chris Gardner’s (played by Academy Award nominee Will Smith) rise from rags to riches – an account of how the human spirit of hope and perseverance can conquer the unexpected hurdles of life. Near the opening of the film, we see Chris drop off his son (played by Jayden Christopher Syre Smith) at a day-care centre, as he laments of how the word “happyness” was spelled wrongly on its wall mural. At this point, one wonders the significance of this – both the spelling and how it came to be the title of the novel from which the film was adapted. We shall see…



i am so sickened with school work. yeah, tell me something new huh. there’s so much to do, it nags at the back of my mind every single second. and i end up not doing anything of use at all. somebody, anybody!! help me!

watched Pursuit of Happyness with ericrox? today. (see what i mean? i just do inane youth-squandering things when im supposed to be doing work!) seems like it’s quite difficult to be “happy” without a steady income every month. Seeing his (Chris Gardner, played by Will Smith) desperation in sustaining day-to-day survival is enough to make me breathless. Yes, solace can be found in his son (played by his son) but is that enough? Can that make him happy? Are environmental conditions a mandatory prerequisite for happiness?

Perhaps “social norms” we grew up with have sculpted our minds far beyond reversal. Ericrox? asked if I found the movie inspirational. Hmmmm I wont say it inspired me cos i cant really relate to the dire straits he was in; and i do not have lofty aspirations to make it big, or become rich. i am generally content with my lot. of course more money doesnt hurt. but i just need enough for sustenance, security and giving to charity. i wont and cant picture myself living in the lap of luxury.

but well..the movie did make me think about how i define happiness. i’ve never thought deeply about this before… what’s my definition of happiness? if i ever had to make wishes before a birthday cake, my wish is always lone and simple- Happiness for everyone.

but no, i dont really know how to define “happiness”.

hmm.. i guess happiness is being content with the things and people around you, and treasuring relationships with everyone- regardless of depth- all the time.

deep in our hearts, we know we treasure our family and friends. but do we treasure them all the time? i am unable to do that yet. most times, it’s due to pride and pettiness. i am ashamed to admit i have a humongous ego. and i go to great lengths to protect this ever-inflating ego of mine, when its sheer existence only serves to bring me never-ending suffering.

consciousness of mind helps to keep this devil of an ego in check, but im still relatively unconscious. Hope people around me can help wake me up! Would be eternally grateful to friends who help tame my ego.

Often times, i reflect on my mannerisms and speech and feel guilty. i had been really overbearing and intolerable. i pontificate too much. and it’s always the case of 说时迟,那时快。i didnt mean to act that way, but i just couldnt keep myself in check. and when i realise such follies, it would have been too late.

我真的是极度愚钝啊! 很羞愧。

looks like i have sidetracked too much yet again.

im quite sick of my procrastination of doing assignment. why do i feel this way? why do i procrastinate? i feel i have lost all motivation. but no, i will not allow myelf to go on feeling this way.

动力是自己找来的。加油加油!!!! 我行的!