Most days I am happy to be fat (at the midriff), but these days I am not. Not when I need to be in a white dress for a friend’s wedding. I cannot find a dress that doesn’t look like a curtain and/or maternity wear, yet able to conceal my fat tummy.

Pup’s been patiently scouring the racks with me for the past month or so. Shopping’s no fun when you’re looking for something but just can’t find it.

I just spent $2,388 on a Fujitsu notebook after my four-year-old one died. It couldn’t be switched on, and the care centre lady told me it would cost quite a lot to change the motherboard, which was believed to be what went wrong. When I got home, I put my old notebook next to the spanking new one, and hit the power button of the old one. Just for fun. And it came alive. And I am now blogging on it.

I am trying to think positive now. Some of the benefits of this mishap:

  • I can leave the old one at my office forever and save lugging it to and fro
  • I have a spanking new one to play with
  • I can sell the old one for a few hundred bucks, now that it can be turned on (Fujitsu’s trade-in offer was $300, for any laptop which can last 1 hour on its battery, without major cracks and scratches – I wonder where they bring those machines to)
Yes, I shall keep calm and positive about it. Goodnight, world.

two haikus


i am on the verge

of kicking the ass of this

brainless cock talker.


i could also choose

to kill myself, just so i’ll

stop hearing his voice.


讓我放縱一次 狠狠拔掉心中的那根刺

讓我放縱一次 丟掉所有虛僞的掩飾

讓我放縱一次 做一些你做夢也想不到的事

讓我放縱一次 人偶爾要讓自己失去理智

讓我放縱一次 就算到最後我們都是凡夫俗子

讓我放縱一次 不想再小心翼翼對待你的名字

讓我放縱一次 是時候輪到我放肆 我其實很不可一世

讓我放縱一次 就算到死我們仍是白癡

讓我放縱一次 把今天當作世界末日

Wrong frequency

  1. Made shocking discoveries in the past ten minutes. Friend 1 (22 yrs old) says the only media she consumes is YouTube. Friend 2 (21 yrs old) says FM 98.7 is for kids. She listens to 91.3, 88.3 and class 95. The only newspaper she reads is TNP.
  2. HOW am I supposed to choose which media to use when their tastes are as unpredictable as Britney Spears! (ok, she’s increasingly predictable but, still.) I’m targetting tertiary students!
  3. HELP!!
  4. Tried 91.3 and 93.3 just now and got myself a headache.
  5. Sought solace at 97.2 and got it.
  6. I am quite disturbed by my private preference for 97.2 and absolute intolerance for young, trendy, funky radio stations.
  7. I am barely 21.
  8. Must be osmosis. Blame my parents for tuning in to 97.2 and only 97.2 everyday in the house.

  1. i want to scream and meow until inspiration comes.
  2. i am tired of 漂泊ing and 奔波ing.
  3. talking to eric tan is like playing piano to a cow.
  4. all i want to do is to sleep in.
  5. can someone be my ghostwriter?
  6. oh!! i want to cry!
  7. really! why!
  8. argh argh argh.
  9. i still want to cry.


I wonder how long more there is till I shout “我受够了!”

And the fact that I have completely lost my ability to throw tantrums is not helping at all.

I also don’t know how to say no.

It’s a semi stormy day and I’m alone in the house, playing Cheer Chen damn loudly.

I am officially screwed.

Was typing a melancholic 散文 when I realised I havent started my readings, which amount to an astronomical number of pages.

I havent bought the books either. Hate myself for being so typical.

I really, really wish I could teleport.

Lessons start next Tuesday. I have an article to slam out. Deadline: tomorrow. Wordcount: 40? Congratulations to me.