i must confess, i have a secret crush on 黄品源. should i go to the 三个好男人 concert? lame title lor, 有谁会爱好男人?

可能会戒掉追看《篮球火》的恶习 除了言承旭 真的没什么好看的

呃, 蒋怡其实很漂亮

看9点那部本地年度台庆大戏,tarzan wong 大喊:“新加坡,加油!新加坡,加油!” 喊到从树上摔下来还在喊,看得我差点从床上摔下去

it’s okay, 希望在明天。 就算没有明天 还有港剧。

本地不是没有好节目 好团队的


题材好 撰稿好 主持好 摄影好 剪辑好 平面设计好


虽然canon赞助, 却没有硬销的成分 很难得

王沺裁的主持天分现在才被发现 是晚了点

说句老实话…… 他主持旅游节目,比王禄江更自然 更能胜任

中文程度也很好 不做作 容易与各国朋友打成一片 男女老少通杀

外表俊俏 更是不在话下啦

原来王沺裁 演戏与主持都很行!


Respect must be earned.

Thio Su Mien: “Some of us live till 73 to celebrate feminism. We don’t go around shouting and shrieking. I believe I am a ‘feminist mentor’…QUIET please, because you have put me in your book. All of you have been asked to read about women who are first in their fields and I was so charmed to discover that I was in book on page 73. I was the first batch of law graduates and…SHOW SOME RESPECT TO YOUR ELDERS….”

[Somebody from the crowd shouted “You have to earn the RESPECT!”]

Lois Ng: “Ladies and gentlemen, please sit down, I have already mentioned to you about the house rules. We do not interrupt when somebody is speaking. There are many people here who wanted to speak.”

[The noise from the crowd continues to drown Thio Su Mien’s speech]

Thio Su Mien: “I was very charmed when I discovered I was in this book. Please show humility. I acted a point that I stand to stay something because it’s my desire, because you are women who are descendents of the pioneers of Singapore….I am disturbed, I was the first Law Dean, I was also the first to establish……YOU HAVE NO RESPECT FOR YOUR ELDERS”

[A lady pointed at her watch and shouted to Thio: “Your 3 minutes is UP!!”]

From Wayang Party

She’s a disgrace to all mankind.

其实我还蛮有天分的 Part 3




我可是放了好多时间和精力,呕心沥血吐出来的,不单凭天分。 这个A得来不易啊。肯努力,就会有成绩。嗯,说得没错。


接到电话,叫我到Fuji Xerox Towers Level 6 应征management trainee 一职: “there are a variety of positions , come down and we can talk about it”

我的戒心很重,问了两次 “Where did you get my particulars?”

回家google 地址,在forum看到好些人谈论这个神秘电话,就感觉有蹊跷。

所谓招聘”management trainee”其实是保险公司招募经纪的手段。



本打算问一大堆刺激性的问题来jixiao 一下, 可惜没问。


In the Straits Times, May 19, 2008:

Buddhism is the main religion here, and fast growing: The number of people aged 15 and up who said they were followers jumped from 27 per cent of the population in 1980 to 31 per cent in 1990. In 2000, the last census, the figure was 43 per cent, or 1.1 million people.

Buddhist converts told The Straits Times that the religion offered comfort in the face of uncertainties and disasters, and a constant reminder to look beyond the materialism of the rat race and to attain calmness and happiness through meditation and reflection.

Read the full article here.

Boycott man-eating MNCs, everyone!

I never realised this until I had to pick a local company for my Advertising and PR project.

It’s quite ironic that as a Singaporean, I can’t think of a local company (that hasn’t already gone regional/global) without squeezing my bwains dry.

Do I blame globalisation? Am I truly Singaporean? How can I not know?  How can I not support local brands?

Our lives are inundated with global man-eating MNCs and that’s making us lose a big part of our identity. Like it or not, they are encroaching on our space and diminishing the importance of local brands in our minds.

It’s mind-numbing and slightly humiliating to see taglines like America’s Very Best plastered all over Singaporean shopping malls.  We’re too busy hobnobbing with Mac’s and KFC to even cast sideway glances at that sad little local start-up dying for our attention.

I will make a conscious effort to support local brands from now on! Ay, these local brands should have some form of identification so I know I’m buying local/indie. Like a “Uniquely Singaporean”/ “Lovingly Local”/ “Incredibly Indie”  sticker or something. :X

Boycott Man-eating MNCs, everyone! Support local, support indie!

Most importantly, support ME!