I wonder how long more there is till I shout “我受够了!”

And the fact that I have completely lost my ability to throw tantrums is not helping at all.

I also don’t know how to say no.

It’s a semi stormy day and I’m alone in the house, playing Cheer Chen damn loudly.

A Piece of Summer, A Piece of You

Great live vocals, as usual. Great band too. She’s extremely shy, and her dimples are so cute. Her red wavy hair was really nice too.

The crowd was wild. We were just a little more subdued than Jay Chou fans. First time I stood on the chair in a concert! I think we had 5 encores.

Quite a pity she didnt sing 会不会、孩子 and 表面的和平。

Felt quite 虚脱 after so much clapping and standing on the chair. 她唱了两首新歌,可是我没太听懂歌词。打上字幕可能更好些。这次演唱会也再度证实了一样东西:没有一个演唱会是不用荧光棒的。即便像陈绮贞这类内敛的创作歌手,也会有在舞台上跳跃的是时刻。也有她近几年来喜欢创作的摇滚/ 半摇滚歌曲。