Just live

I was scuttling through the MRT gantry that day when a random memory of myself being rabidly angry at someone hit me.

I remember I was ranting at the top of my voice to Dom, who was on the other end of the phone.  In full audible range of every passenger in that train compartment. I wasn’t angry at him; just at someone whom we were both angry with. (I think) I’ve never behaved like that in the presence of total strangers before, but I couldn’t care less.

After the memory struck, I tried really hard to recollect who that person was and what made me seethe, but I couldn’t remember a thing.

(Does it happen to everyone or am I just an outstanding scatterbrain?)

I’m amazed at how fleeting and forgettable little shitty stuff in life are. Shit happens. All the time. But do they really matter? All these seemingly catastrophic events and people that come in (and out!) of our lives. How major are they when viewed in the continuum of life?

We suffer so much less when we let go.