I am so tempted to get the Macbook Air, even though

  • I know it’ll make me at least $1.5 k poorer (I could have spent that on a DSLR?? Or the much more powerful Macbook Pro, but that sorta defeats the purpose cos it’s 2 kg heavy while the Air is only 1.06 kg light.)
  • my 3.5 year-old Fujitsu is working super fine except for the Photoshop CS3 that crashes whenever I try to add text
  • I may have difficulty adapting to a Mac user interface
  • the Air has only 2 USB ports, no memory card slot, no Ethernet port, no CD drive and it would cost me a bomb to buy the respective adapters and portable drives
  • I would be wiser and better off in the long run to just get the Macbook Pro to meet all my multimedia editing needs – BUT I WILL STILL BE BACK TO SQUARE ONE, LUGGING ALL 2 KGS OF IT IN MY BACKPACK

I am unable to make a rational decision at this point in time. SOMEBODY STOP ME!!!!!!!! Hide my credit card or something!

The Air is too delicious to resist! Those Apple people are damn evil to design something as wicked as the MBA: