Anyone got secret formula for ridding odours?

Tenants just moved out of my grandma’s place. As with all tenants from hell, they left hell for us to clear. But they’re a tad better than tenants in Malacca, who basically looted the place. My poor father was close to tears when he saw the state of our house.

Never mind the battered furniture that now offers my wasteland living room a brand new landscape.

Because of some convoluted reason, the queen size mattress used by the (Indian) family of three now finds its new home in my bedroom.

And I bunked at my parents’ room last night. I cant help but do that until some miracle is performed to rid the bleddy smell.

Helps. Please give suggestions, both orthodox and unorthodox, for getting rid of odours. I will be eternally grateful to you. If it works, that is.

P.S.:  My sister and I thought of giving prospective tenants a 100-question psychology cum hygiene cum morals test to screen them. New tenants coming in soon. Middle aged Eurasian couple. I pray, hope and wish fervently that they dont come from hell.


On virginia tech shootings, from the Washington Post:

He used his driver’s license as identification and had no problem buying the guns because he was complying with Virginia law, which permits the purchase of one gun a month, investigators said.



it really pains me to see my sister suffering silently in her JC. Her suffering is mostly perpetrated by one ethics-less chemistry teacher. 他可以算是教师中的败类

  1. After kindly offering to give extra lessons to students, he spent a vast majority of that precious time waxing lyrical about his majestic sports car.
  2. Personal attacks were made to many students in front of the whole class. To one who has great talent and interest in music/singing, he said: “You think you can make it big here? You think you’re really good at singing?” (sorry i was too agitated when i heard all this, didnt remember verbatim. there’s more he said. my sis not at home now, wait till shes home then i record down. this traumatised her so much she could remember everything that 败类said.) my sister was obviously not spared either. “You have tuition ah?! How come got tuition results still so rotten?” Yeah, words from the mouth of a Teacher- moulder of our young.
  3. his rotten character aside, it is most alarming to note that his academic knowledge is grossly inadequate as well. my sis said he spent a grand amount of time hemming and hawing over a pathetic 1 mark question. he often had to ask the students “does your answer key give the same answer??” come on, why would the students need a TEACHER who has to rely on the answer key for answers? the answer key would suffice as a teacher, then. He is obviously an obstacle in their learning path! (it is too idealistic to expect scum like him to help them, so all i ask is that he does not hinder and obstruct their learning process.)
  4. He gives blatant hints and directions to students sitting for ‘A’ level SPA. That is very unfair to other students who do not “benefit” from his hints. what hints? Upon seeing a wrong answer, he would shake his head and walk away. he then returns to check the page  and shakes his head again if it’s wrong. if it’s right, he does nothing and walks away. i am no expert of teaching ethics, but common sense tells me that this is wrong. it does not help the student either.

 it makes me sick to read this: Not only must you have the passion for education, you need to know how to engage the students in their learning, be a good role model and an inspiration to them and prepare them for the challenges of life. A teacher is the heart and soul of a class, the pulse that keeps a lesson lively and engaging.

– extracted from MOE TEACH website

Why, then, does the reverable MOE allow this perversely mutated species of a Teacher to continue with his misdeeds in school while handing out a handsome paycheck to him every month? Oh i forgot to mention that he tells blatant lies too: he claims to earn $2000 per month teaching at their JC.

i have tagged this entry with as many tags as i can, hopefully more people can find this entry. Hope this helps parents and students make a more informed choice when choosing a country/school they want to study in. Also hope that MOE will not turn a blind eye to such atrocities happening behind its back. my sister doesnt dare report this to her principal as her identity would be exposed. She may suffer unthinkable consequences should that scumbag of a teacher know she exposed all his misdeeds. There are, after all, many avenues he could get back at her, and given his corrupted character, he sure would seize any chance to do that. My sister cant jeopardise her results and she also fears being ostracised by her class, who are, most regrettably, a bunch of kids who has no desire of learning seriously and rejoices in the frivolous gibberish of said teacher. I feel really pained and helpless when she tells me all this. What can we do? WILL the MOE take action? Will her results be jeopardised?

Under the rosy facade lies a corrupted and decaying reality. Such is the sad truth of our education system.

Please do not hesitate to email me at should you require more info. i would be most willing to help. i also invite students to share and expose the ugly doings of educators, if any. we should not underestimate the power of the Internet. many weak, helpless voices would amount to a bigger force if they unite.

corruption in school

Relief teaching today only served to renew my disdain for the education system. to be more precise, unethical teachers who cause much woe to others while furthering their own political agenda. yeah, teachers, moulders of young minds!

Primary ONE kids made to participate in class committee meetings! I squawked when i first saw the paper. it was most awkward for the students and I as i struggled to convey the “this is very meaningful, so u all must participate!” message to the wide-eyed, confused seven-year-olds. i had to be professional, i had to do my job. much as i wished to just chuck it and get down to lessons proper, i had to endure the battle between my own principles and helping to further some scumbag’s personal agenda!!! it was excruciating.

i shant go into what kinda agenda it is la huh, very bitchy to do that.

the poor kids and other teachers..they have to suffer because of this corrupted official! so very politics…… there’s politics everywhere, damn true. 恼恨!he’d better not appear anywhere near me tomoro, i will burn him with my laser glare.

anyways, my bio clock is wreaked. i sleep at 2/3AM and wake at 10. omg, i feel so sinful!

shall retire for the night. goodnight, my dear readers.