Why aren’t kids made from Play-doh?

I might be an anti-men (generally) and anti-marriage bigot, but I do love kids from the bottom of my poor heart. The fact that men and marriage are the only politically-correct requisites for having kids of my own (apart from a working reproductive system, of course) pains me.

On a happier note, Thai kids have such funky hairstyles. And I so love their stubby little arms, fat little legs, bright little eyes and chubby little cheeks. They loll around pavements on their little diaper-wrapped bottoms, watched lovingly by proud parents and envious, cooing strangers. I have not seen a single Thai kid with a PSP/Nintendo in hand and am determined never to buy one of those malicious gadgets for my kid. Kids should run on the grass and play in the mud, not stare spellbound into cold, isolating, life-sapping machines.

*Aww* Fat little ball of joy! Spotted: Jatujak Market, Krungtheb.

We saw such a lot of cute children’s clothes; so much so that we started to toy with the ‘buy now, give birth later’ idea. I’m glad sanity prevailed. But the fact that my father has already gleefully reserved household items for “his grandchildren’s use” remains. The fear that I won’t be able to fulfill my parents’ wishes for “as many grandchildren as possible” is starting to haunt, even when I am (an anti-men, anti-marriage bigot) aged just 21.