The weather is attempting to murder me, lor.

A Primary 2 girl gave me 2 drawings she did, which took me by surprise,  because all I did that day was prance round the classroom like a newly-escaped tigress who lost her cubs. I absolutely breached international safety guidelines for bad vibes emission. She even gave me a little hug before she went home!

I think her drawing of me looks uncannily like me.

They like to give me drawings and I find it so sweet. Some more drawings by students:

Hmm decipher the meaning of this one? Cat will evolve into dog/pig, and then elephant, and nothing’s left in the end except a foot print.

By Jayde, who’s a very sweet girl with the best manners.

By Drago, who’s my friend Cleopatra’s brother! He’s only 8 this year. He’s also very well-mannered and never fails to greet me.

Maybe I shd send future kids to drawing lessons so they’ll all be well-mannered.