Photos Wanted!

I am in a rare creative-cum-productive mood (they are seldom mutually exclusive) and I must blog such precious moments.

Am browsing wondrous Flickr groups in search of photos with a Buddhist Lifestyle theme. And what a great many there are, with such inspiring captions!! Ooh, I am trembling with excitement and glee. kmsYM and Dharma In Action are publishing Diary 2553 and we’re all scrambling to put it together before the 31 December 2008 (yes, make no mistake) launch. We’ll need Zennish photos, along the lines of (in my very personal opinion): this, this and this. Got any yourself? Tell me!

Looking at all these awesome photos makes me want to start a photoblog!

Sigh. Why am I so prone to micro-manage? My stating of the obvious must have made him rolled his eyes!

What an obsessive-compulsive slew of posts.