Misadventures of the Domestic Gourdess (1)

I’m settling into a routine where I get to make my own meals two days a week. If I’m not throwing things into the pot to cook with instant noodles, I will be popping whatever I can scavenge from the fridge into the microwave. I like that my recipe for each dish can usually be summed up in one-liners and that I can have a reasonably tasty meal without much effort. A microwave’s your best friend if you’re cooking for one.

I had for lunch today:

  • Mozzarella mushroom sandwich = white button mushroom + Mozzarella cheese + wholemeal bread
  • Oriental tofu salad =  miso paste + mashed tofu + Korean sesame oil (YUM!)
  • Said salad atop portobello mushroom – I should have just popped in the mushroom for 1 min and put cold salad on top. Microwaving them together resulted in lots of juice which was kinda unappetizing when cold
  • Raw lettuce; crunchy, sweet and green
  • Coffee, leftover from breakfast

While doing the dishes I got distracted thinking about something I now cannot recall, and a saucer flew out of my soapy hands and broke.