I’d just like to say that I had this warm and fuzzy feeling inside me today, thanks to some wonderful friends. *flutters wings*

I felt so lousy and wretched after my rotten exam. And I didn’t know I had to attach my drafts with my research proposal!!! Felt so wretched I could die.

But my spirits were lifted up, up, into the sky after I received messages of concern from my dear fwens. 🙂 Thank you thank you thank you for making me feel so much better!! What did I do to deserve such wonderful friends?? and family?!

Had a rather productive agonize-over-research-paper session with Jasper too. Went home for 溏心风暴 marathon after that. WAY TO GO, FIRST MOM!

Only thing bugging me now is freelance PR work. I managed to get a discount for my workload. My lucky stars are shining.

Happy 21st Birthday in advance, Linda!

生日快乐!要天天开心,ok?  我好庆幸有你这个朋友。

hoho.. i am super proud of this page! made this guestbook for Linda but it didn’t get to serve its purpose. Ended up as a source of entertainment instead:


罪:(一) bad fashion sense
(二) 跟小suan子传情侣装
外加一条(三) 跟小suan子放电!
刑: 斩!!

Thank you Mandy for helping me make the guestbook!

哇,好多久违的中二同学。很开心还能跟他们一起闹。 (其实,是我被他们闹)

Sentosa with humparang friends

Went to Sentosa yesterday with a humparang mixture of friends – Linda, Mandy, Cheryl, Khai Yuen, Chyork our fave calendar boy, Yong Yang, Allan, Kesmond and Chun Meng!

We played all sorts of ball games – none that I excelled at. Bleh! But I had fun nonetheless. 我享受貼近大自然的感覺! 縱使那裏人實在太多,但至少有沙灘有海浪有云。 還有好朋友,那是最重要的。=)

Yay, 一指神功! Chyork is so easily amused!! My Malaysian accent effortlessly sent him into peals of laughter. And it’s a wonder he still finds it amusing after an entire day of listening to my accent!

We lied down for less than 3 minutes before a waiter came and asked “any drinks for you, ma’am?” -_- That’s just a nicer way of saying “Would you mind extricating yourself from these beach chairs since they’re meant only for paying customers?” Nice display of hospitality, Sentosa.

Enjoyed lying down on the cool sand… we were just chatting lazily and staring into the cloudy sky, letting the sand run through our fingers. For a moment we were all free from the care and worries of the world. We need to do this more often!

HAHA. Khai yuen is so unglam! I really am dying to box him, lor.