Rawr, I won’t be in Singapore when they come! 周華健、五月天、蔡健雅、張震嶽and 李宗盛, 5-in-1! I’d love to hear Tanya and Zhang Zhenyue sing live. When is Tanya coming?! Been looping her Goodbye&Hello album, one of the best I’ve bought in recent times! Now I fully understand why she won 最佳女歌手 twice at 臺灣金曲獎。 She got 最佳製作人 for this album too, the first one she produced. Perfectly justified.

What’s more, she writes her own Chinese lyrics! Respect! To be honest, I didn’t think she could/would do it. Always perceived her as anglicised? Everyone should buy this album!

Fave tracks: 空白格 越來越不懂 如果你愛我 達爾文 儅你離開的時候

〃學會認真 學會忠誠 适者才能生存 懂得永恒 得要我們進化成更好的人〃-達爾文

〃如果你愛着我 而我也愛着你 結果還是有段跨不過的距離 這時離開還依然美麗 如果說我愛着你 而你卻比較愛自己 我想那就不是我的問題 那不過是現代人的愛情〃-如果你爱我