Honking Ho Chi Minh City

Blogging from hotel now! HCM city has been great so far. Quite similar to Bangkok, just that it has 100 times more motorbikes and scooters.  They honk at each other for no reason.  Road crossing here is mad but our hotel doorman always comes to our rescue. The trick is to walk slowly so the motorists can avoid you. Successfully getting to the other side always gives me a sense of victory.

Met up with Khoi yesterday and he took me on a tour around HCM city ON HIS MOTORBIKE!! I should have known! Got a big shock when he told me we’re gonna ride his bike. It was my first time on a motorbike and I held on for dear life. I told him I never realised my life was so precious.  But I must say the best way to tour the city is on motorbike. Feels really good to have the post-rain wind blowing all around you.

The Reunification Palace and Cu Chi tunnels were interesting. Our Vietnamese tour guide speaks better English than us. 😐 Was Women’s Day yesterday and flower sellers are everywhere. Guys are supposed to give flowers to ladies on Women’s Day. And they celebrate Valentine’s Day too!

Visiting the Mekong Delta tomorrow! Can’t wait!