What my simple needs are:

  • 溏心风暴 marathon
  • the liberty to watch Beijing Olympics and read newspapers as and when I feel like it
  • 8 hours of sleep everyday
  • crash NTU (more specifically, visit LGH and Linda)
  • play basketball (arcade one also can)
  • a massage?

What life throws me:

  • failing kidneys (I swear I can feel them ache… maybe i should write my will soon)
  • a sore throat (yes, the sort that chooses the best time to itch and sends me into coughing fits that seem to last forever. If i’m not eating/sleeping, I’d be sucking a lozenge. I think my teeth will all corrode prematurely from all that acid/whatever)
  • a research paper to co-write by this Sat
  • to co-present said paper at the Buddhist Youth Conference this Sat
  • a mountain of readings
  • lessons everyday
  • The Cursed Drudgery That Will Kill Me Before I Can Say ‘Bloody’ aka freelance PR work (I don’t mean to sound dodgy but I’m not allowed to disclose what I do exactly. It’s shitty work and I’m so glad to have tendered my resignation. Two more weeks before I’m officially free!)

Tell me how to make lemonade with such lemons, lah.

With nary a thought, I bought two albums today: Tanya Chua’s Goodbye and Hello and Kit Chan’s 再爱一回, a compilation album of her classics. I knew very well this outburst of retail therapy is a manifestation of my desire to get in touch with my hedonistic side and I really couldn’t see why I should suppress such a desire, since I so gawddamn deserve a reward for all the work I’ve been made to do doing.