I wish I can make a living out of editing uni students’ essays and resumes, finding interviewees for their FYPs, translating and editing brochures, posters, proposals, taking photos, and doing things that people don’t like / don’t want / have no time to do.

It’s been mighty fun and I feel no burden helping people do all that, even for free. In fact, I’ve been enjoying myself quite a bit.

Can I become a freelance do-all? I like being able to help make things work for people. Being part of the action without becoming too involved. 😛

Just got news today that one major production that we already started work on will be called off. It’s not a big blow to me, since my involvement has been quite minimal, with the occasional meeting and presentation doing. It’s not the same for Jalyn, and I can’t help but feel she’s been made to go through too many ordeals – far more than what she deserves. I can only stand by her and give her all the support she needs. Change is indeed the only constant.