More Oklahoma


Chickasha, Oklahoma. Note the spelling errors on that red mail box. It was freezing; it’s a wonder the pond didn’t freeze over.


I lived here for three weeks. We could cook and bake and microwave food. It was nice lazing in bed with a good book while the wind howled outside.




Our guide Nick is Native American. We saw four bison (the black lumps you see are its excreta) and a few longhorn cattle in that fog. Ooh and prairie dogs too! Very ironically, we went to Meers, a quaint little place with only one waitress and had longhorn beef after our very educational visit about wildlife.


Two more weeks to Home

It’s a lazy Sunday afternoon and am blogging from my friend’s laptop. Had some activities lined up for us (Church service, visits to the museum, casino, downtown ice skating rink) but none of them interested me much. I seldom enjoy the luxury of lounging around in two-week-old PJs anyway. Watched several episodes of 珠光寶氣 too.

We visited the supersized Grapevine Discount Mall at Dallas, Texas yesterday and I spent an unassuming 30 USD after weaving in and out of  discount merchandise so well-churned that salespeople can’t be bothered to fold.

Am quite disturbed by the environmental consciousness (or lack thereof) here. The Marriott people just replaced our perfectly new and working stoves, refrigerators and TV sets with brand new ones. They’d also dump perfectly clean crockery into the perfectly-water-and-electricity-wasting dishwasher everyday. (Little wonder we paid astronomical fees for our rooms.) And the paper napkin dispenser in Grapevine made me scream. It’d dispense a mile-long napkin everytime the last one was torn off. I know Americans are big but I’m sure they do not have Yeti hands.

Oh and contrary to popular wide-eyed Singaporean belief, most retailers here do not charge for plastic bags. In fact, they give them out like they’re free. One cashier at Grapevine even offered me the clothes hanger.

Bad impressions aside, Americans I meet are generally friendly, smiley and warm. Strangers would say hi to me on campus and round the hotel. The customs clearance at Houston, Texas was surprisingly smooth and fuss-free. They say excuse me and thank you and how ya doin a lot here. They’re less in a rush than us Singaporeans. I don’t feel like an ‘alien’ here, and I feel comfortable and safe shopping alone in the mall.

I shan’t complain about the crappy food here. Still gotta stick it out for two weeks. I am going to march up to Sheena’s house and beg her mum to cook me curry chicken when I get back. Asians eat real food!

Shall upload photos when I feel like it!


Oklahoma City

在美国Oklahoma City的我,很想家人, 很想朋友。



当地人说,美国大部分城市都是这样的,只有少数如纽约、洛杉矶的大都会才比较繁华。 可这不代表这里的人都是乡巴佬! 遇到一位义务载我们去买电话卡的教堂工作者, 他穿着邋遢, 白色的hoodie满是污迹,指甲也黑黑的,可是和他交谈后,发现他学识渊博。  就连接送我们上下课的司机Donnie也很有学问、很有智慧!像他们这样深藏不漏的人都很谦虚。

我非常喜欢我们的校园,因为有宽广的草原和复古的建筑。也喜欢在这里上的TV Production课,学得很多。还去了老师家庆祝圣诞,一进屋就闻到浓郁的香草味, 看到挂满吊饰的圣诞树在橙色的灯光里发光,很温馨。