Wrong frequency

  1. Made shocking discoveries in the past ten minutes. Friend 1 (22 yrs old) says the only media she consumes is YouTube. Friend 2 (21 yrs old) says FM 98.7 is for kids. She listens to 91.3, 88.3 and class 95. The only newspaper she reads is TNP.
  2. HOW am I supposed to choose which media to use when their tastes are as unpredictable as Britney Spears! (ok, she’s increasingly predictable but, still.) I’m targetting tertiary students!
  3. HELP!!
  4. Tried 91.3 and 93.3 just now and got myself a headache.
  5. Sought solace at 97.2 and got it.
  6. I am quite disturbed by my private preference for 97.2 and absolute intolerance for young, trendy, funky radio stations.
  7. I am barely 21.
  8. Must be osmosis. Blame my parents for tuning in to 97.2 and only 97.2 everyday in the house.