Sorry for the Interruption…Not!

Hehe. Important announcement, ahem ahem!

33 new vintage tee designs will soon be featured on Salad Days, along with an exclusive range of funky tops! Due to popular demand, I brought in GUYS’ TEES this time- but only in a very small number!

While they’ll slowly appear online, I’ll be selling them at a pushcart again, this time in my school!

Dates: 30 June to 7 July 2008 (5 and 6 July excluded)
Time: 10 am to 5 pm
Place: Cafeteria, MDIS Unicampus, 501 Stirling Road
How to go: Free shuttle service or ten minutes’ walk from Queenstown MRT (see here!)

Come and bring home your fave designs before they are sold! Can shun bian visit me also, I’d love the company!

A shop in The Cathay sells the vintage tees that I sell at SGD 39!!!

That’s thrice my price. I fantasize about marching into that shop and thrusting a flyer into every customer’s hand. It shall read: “Buy these tees from me at SGD 13 each!!!”

I got pre-empted dammit!

Not exactly, but I’m quite mad over this blogshop owner who’s putting up a “pre-order sale” at her LJ, using ALL MY PHOTOS! Without my permission too! That’s quite cheapskate and very sneaky lor. And that’s despite her knowing that I’m NOT a supplier, but a retailer too.
I know who she is; she emailed me to 问长问短 about my tees. But I’m ignoring her if she tries to order from me. Selling at SGD 16 each. HUR! Mine are SGD 15 each! SGD 13 if they buy 2 or more!

Although I will still profit from selling to her, I don’t feel very good about it. I want to deal direct with my customers, people who love the tees and wear them because they love them.

Salad Days is now on LJ  too:

Oh my, oh my!

First tees up on Salad Days! Tell me what you think of my first attempt at this.

Please also help advertise Salad Days on your prestigious blogs, my dear friends! I would be eternally grateful.

Really tired from photographing, editing and uploading….

Goodnight world!