No, I didn’t teach my father to act cute. Not me.


I think we need more normalcy.



The duck’s named Zippy.


Isn’t this price revolting?! Might as well buy my yummy durian-flo! Got so much change to spare some more! My sister was classic: “It’s cheaper if you cook rice and use it to stick.”

 Had no choice but to buy it cos Popular at White sands is monopolised by UHU glue. Was horrified when I saw Bostick glue of the same size HALF this price at Orchard Popular!!! Buy Bostick, everyone! UHU is a total letdown, despite being part of my childhood art and craft memories. I had to re-glue my advertising mock-up 1000 times before it would stop falling apart.


And I’m quite disturbed that their pens are now individually packed in sinister plastic. A horrid and needless waste. Been boycotting these individually packed pens. Boycott them, everyone!  

3 comments on “

  1. fang说道:

    ahhh your dad in 2nd pic is too cute can?cuter than doraemon. haha

  2. jooo说道:

    yar actually i got a shock when i saw the pens they had on sale in popular.

    no more friendly racks and rows of pens available. everything’s so packaged and sealed now. its quite a turn off. i don’t buy my pens from popular anymore. its so annoying, you can’t even test the ink. and its so environmental unfriendly! i don’t get their mentality of packing all those pens in the dingy plastic wrappers.

  3. Miss Poh说道:

    jo: precisely!! only a few Popular branches have racks now. super waste of plastic…. i have a good mind to shoot a complaint letter to them!

    fang: my father is super act cute now! he has all these act cute poses even when he takes photos with his colleagues during company retreat…..
    *faint* the perils of living with 3 insane women. 😛


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